Bike tour in Bordeaux, another way to discover the region with Visit In Bordeaux Wine

Visit In Bordeaux Wine specializes in discovering the Bordeaux region through tours that can be customized according to your desires and interests. And what could be better than a bike tour in Bordeaux to discover the city and its surroundings?

Weekend cycling in Bordeaux, discover a region from another angle

Don't worry, the Bordeaux region is not very hilly and even if you are not a regular cyclist, you should be able to ride through the prestigious vineyards and the streets of the city without any trouble. Because this is what Visit In Bordeaux Wine promises you for your cycling tour in Bordeaux and the surrounding areas. In Bordeaux, we will only talk about the richness of the city's heritage, where the emblematic water mirror is just one of many places not to be missed. Bordeaux, a sleeping beauty that is at last so vibrant, is a city that you must discover. Your bike tour in Bordeaux will then take you away from the stones and historic streets of the southwestern capital. And if along your cycling route around Bordeaux you could come across signs with the following written on them: Médoc, St Emilion, Sauternes, Pomerol, there would surely be enough energy for a few more pedal strokes.

Bike tour in Bordeaux, wine tourism in all its glory with Visit In Bordeaux Wine

Visit In Bordeaux Wine specialises in wine tourism. How can you appreciate the Bordeaux region if you don't try to get in touch with its wine. Its wine is its blood, its history, and an activity that has sustained families for centuries. With a bike tour in Bordeaux, you will take the time to discover this heritage through the magnificent chateaux where you will sleep, the tastings, the charming villages. You will experience Bordeaux wine as close as possible to those for whom it is a daily occurrence. The great strength of Visit In Bordeaux Wine also lies in its ability to quickly customize the cycling itinerary in Bordeaux and its region to offer you an experience as close as possible to your expectations.

Visit in Bordeaux Wine
Visit in Bordeaux Wine
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