Is there a better destination than Bordeaux for an oenological weekend?

Visit In Bordeaux Wine has bet just by organizing wine route tours in the Bordeaux region. Between the Médoc, Sauternes and the Graves coast, you travel through the region like your favorite labels for an exciting and formative Bordeaux wine tasting weekend.


A wine stay in Bordeaux, the know-how of Visit In Bordeaux Wine

Visit In Bordeaux Wine is a company specialized in the organization of tailor-made stays in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards. Between the capital of Gironde and Arcachon are hidden some of the most famous wine names. But it is also a great way to discover the cultural heritage of the region, its beautiful cities, take some time for yourself, in addition of course to the bordeaux wine tasting weekend. You will enjoy the region on the theme of your choice and sleep in great hotels, real regional castles, such as the Château de Lantic, to live an exceptional moment in the evening. For a family stay or a romantic weekend, you will have nothing else to do but let yourself be carried away by the skills of Visit In Bordeaux Wine. And for entertainment, beyond the Bordeaux wine tasting weekend aspect, you will be able to choose additional activities such as a visit to a writer's estate, a sauna and jacuzzi, a tuk tuk ride, a bike tour in the vineyards and just about anything else that can be organized in the Bordeaux area.


Oenological weekend in Bordeaux, the choice of the great vintages

During your Bordeaux wine tasting weekend, you will do more than just taste great vintages, you will learn oenology, the basics or more advanced skills depending on your level. Through a wine route that passes by names such as Saint Emilion or Sauternes, you will learn how to decipher a wine glass, how to use descriptive vocabulary wisely. Wine pairing, choice, conservation, your Bordeaux oenology course will be an exciting learning experience. However, this learning process will take place in the relaxation of a stay designed for your comfort and in the exceptional setting of renowned vineyards and cellars. It will also be arranged for your safety since all the sanitary rules in force will be applied with the greatest care so that you will only have to worry about your Bordeaux wine tasting weekend organized by Visit In Bordeaux Wine.

Visit in Bordeaux Wine
Visit in Bordeaux Wine
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