Seminar in Bordeaux, what if we went off the beaten track with Visit In Bordeaux Wine?

Visit In Bordeaux Wine offers the organization of seminars in Bordeaux for professionals. But far from a classic setting, you will enjoy the benefits of a studious stay with the enhancement of a setting, that of the Bordeaux vineyards, which will fascinate all your interlocutors.

Seminar room in Bordeaux, being professional above all

Visit In Bordeaux Wine allows you to organize a seminar very simply. Everything is provided to make your seminar your seminar into a success. This starts with the reception room, which honours the past and the prestige of the region. The old stones that serve as a decor will not hide the high-tech and high-end equipment available in the room. With a capacity of up to 180 people depending on the configuration, the seminar room in Bordeaux adapts to you, and not the other way around. The success of your seminar in Bordeaux also depends on the organization of the meals. Whether you need a quick break or want to make the meal the highlight of the day's work, we can organise meals and breaks exactly to your liking.

Seminar hotel in Bordeaux, more than a quality reception at Visit In Bordeaux Wine

Let's be honest, there are plenty of beautiful function rooms for your seminar in Bordeaux in the region. But an organization that makes you discover wine, Visit In Bordeaux Wine offers something unique in the region. To create moments of cohesion, to mark your concern for your teams, to offer an unforgettable memory during a seminar in Bordeaux, there is nothing like wine tourism. Discovering the prestigious châteaux of Bordeaux, wine tasting, meeting wine growers, interactive quizzes in the seminar room in Bordeaux, the possibilities are numerous. All of them will aim to make you live this moment in a more particular, more intense way. The moments of pleasure, even if they involve alcohol, will not be a way of distracting from the reasons for the seminar but a reward. Visit In Bordeaux Wine, thanks to its experience in tourist and wine discovery of the region, offers a new vision of the seminar in Bordeaux.

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