Visit In Bordeaux Wine: The keys to a stay at a vineyard in Bordeaux

stay at a vineyard in Bordeaux is above all a promise. With Visit In Bordeaux Wine, it's a promise to discover a region rich in heritage of all kinds.

Chateau hotel in Bordeaux, choose excellence with Visit In Bordeaux Wine

The region stretching from Bordeaux to Arcachon attracts an international clientele, curious to discover the most envied vineyard in the world. It is the prestige of this region that makes it possible to find so many magnificent buildings, including superb châteaux. Those that are no longer vineyard houses are now luxury hotels. Spending a stay at a vineyard in Bordeaux means discovering this luxury through an establishment full of charm and attention for you, all in a magnificent setting. The Château de Lantic, the Villa Yoline and the Villa Segur are just a few examples of what a château hotel in the Bordeaux region can offer you. At the Château de Lantic, for example, you are welcomed in rooms where the stones and beams are still visible, where each piece of furniture tells a story, all with a magnificent view of the Bordeaux vineyards. And this does not prevent you from enjoying the modern facilities and all the comforts necessary for an unforgettable stay organized by Visit In Bordeaux Wine.

A chateau hotel in Bordeaux, France, the starting point for an atypical stay

With Visit In Bordeaux Wine, you are not choosing a classic stay. While each of the chateau hotels in the Bordeaux region offered for your stay are all exceptional houses, it is the content of your days that will remain in your memory. There is the charm of downtown Bordeaux to discover. There are villages full of history and vineyards like St Emilion. There is also the Atlantic coast that you follow to Arcachon, all these vineyards that you discover like the Graves Coast, Sauternes. And we can go on for a long time with prestigious names such as Yquem, Latour, Lafite or Margaux, which will be as many reasons to continue a little further your stay at a vineyard in Bordeaux. From wine tasting to the charm of natural landscapes, from nights in châteaux to days in the cellars, you will savour every moment of the stays prepared by Visit In Bordeaux Wine.

Visit in Bordeaux Wine
Visit in Bordeaux Wine
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