Wine tasting weekend in Bordeaux, with Visit in Bordeaux Wine of course

All over the world, when one hears wine, one thinks of Bordeaux. It is therefore difficult not to see the region as the ideal setting for a wine tasting weekend. This is the starting point for the offers of Visit In Bordeaux Wine, which organizes tailor-made stays in the region.


Wine tasting weekends, a celebration of Bordeaux's oenological heritage

Visit In Bordeaux Wine offers tours to discover the great Bordeaux wines. Côte de Graves, Sauternes, Saint Emilion or Pessac Léognan are the names that have made the great bottles. Today, this is the setting for your future wine tasting weekend. Wine route, night in a luxurious castle like the Château de Lantic, bike ride in the vineyards, animations are not lacking. You can also personalize them according to your expectations. From relaxation with a sauna and a jacuzzi, to the unusual with a night in the vineyards, to the cultural with the discovery of the architectural and historical heritage of Bordeaux or Arcachon, the options are numerous and you can adapt everything to your tastes. The idea is to be able to enjoy a weekend discovering the most exceptional wines, in the glass as in the rest.


Bordeaux wine tasting weekend, an unforgettable learning experience

Your wine-tasting weekend is an opportunity for multiple wine-related experiences. There is learning or perfecting the recognition of aromas, there is vocabulary. But there is also exploring the idea of matching wines with dishes, of preserving them, of buying them for pleasure or investment. You will enjoy an upscale stay, but at the same time a real time for oenology as few courses of this kind offer. Whether you are from Sauternes or rather St Emilion, whether you know the Côtes de Graves or Pessac Léognan doesn't inspire you, it doesn't matter. Each wine-tasting weekend is designed to meet the expectations of enlightened wine lovers as well as those who would like to become one. It should also be noted that all the actions such as visits and tastings are done in the purest respect of the official barrier gestures and sanitary measures. Come and enjoy Bordeaux wines in a relaxed atmosphere while being only 2h30 from Paris thanks to Visit In Bordeaux Wine.

Visit in Bordeaux Wine
Visit in Bordeaux Wine
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